MerMay… sorta

So after my last blog post I was raring to go and decided to try my hand at Mermay 2018.

There were so many utterly amazing Mermay pictures on Twitter and it was difficult not to judge myself by the standard these amazing artists were setting. You have to run your own race!

Well, I was pleased with what I produced for the first 3 days… then fatigue set in by the 4th! I was shattered by the end of the week. I do suffer with fatigue anyway (because of rheumatoid arthritis) but I didn’t realise how much these little A6 drawings would take out of me after being at work all day.

It was nice to draw mermaids though; they were all I drew when I was little and it was good to try and be a little bit more creative with their general appearance, colours, shape, pose and background. I also tried to vary the materials I used: I mainly used watercolours and pens, but for day 2 I went a bit mad and got the oil pastels out which resulted in something very bright and unexpected!

I finished my MerMay today with a copy of a picture of Ariel from The Little Mermaid (using this beautiful reference) because I was tired and lazy but wanted one last go! (Note to self – use a bigger sketchpad! I really am terrible for not drawing to fit the page haha) Her arms and her face are a bit off… and I got bit carried away with the colour/shading… but I pushed past the fatigue and feeling sick to attempt it, so I’m happy 🙂

Mermay 2018: that’s a wrap!

Thanks for stopping by!